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Get my Ultimate 7-step successful wedding planning framework 

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In this private bridal club you'll learn:


How to get clear on your wedding vision

You'll be able to decode what your heart really wants through my secret formula and plan a wedding that is beautiful, meaningful and practical - all within budget! 


How to be super organised 

Your membership includes any necessary workbooks, templates, and spreadsheets that you'll need to master wedding planning. You'll also receive a target deadline checklist, which can be personalised to your own wedding date.


How to master your budget

My bespoke budget calculator and tracker systems (which I use for my 1-2-1 clients) will help you stay on top of anything money-related. I'll also show you how I stay on top of invoice payments without the use of fancy software.

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You + Planned To Perfection = wedding planning mastery!


STOP wasting hours of valuable time trawling the internet for information. // Find everything you need in one clear place

STOP feeling guilty about offloading your wedding woes on coworkers, friends and family members. // Connect and share with your very own global bride tribe.

STOP getting confused about what you should and shouldn't be doing. // Sign up and get your own personal wedding planning hotline!

Join now and become a no-nonsense bride who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, plus learn:

  • What to ask your suppliers and how to pick the best ones.
  • How to break down your wedding budget.
  • How to bring your wedding vision to life.
  • What to prep ahead of the day. 
  • How to put together your wedding schedule.
  • How to put together your seating plan.
  • How to put together your floor plans.
  • What to include in your ceremony participation sheets.
  • How to stay calm and focused.

A Note From Meera...


Hello! I'm so grateful that you stopped by here, and seriously cannot wait to connect with you on the inside. 

I live for creating beautiful, meaningful wedding experiences. After working in the industry for a number of years, I wanted to find a way to share my knowledge with brides from across the world, on both modest and elaborate budgets - because for me, weddings are all about the special moments. 

As a natural go-getter, I went ahead and invested thousands of pounds in training and have developed a course and membership site all rolled into one, which I know will transform the way you plan your wedding. Having worked on this single-handedly I've poured lots of love and affection into each and every corner, which is why it's so incredibly special to me - and hopefully you'll feel the same way too. 

Come and join me on this exciting journey, and together, we'll put the fun back into planning. 

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  • Having a clear 7-step framework to guide you along your journey, with specific goals, actions and checklists to complete along the way.

  • Having unlimited access to an award winning wedding planner, who you can turn to for help, whenever you need it.

  • Having a vault of instantly accessible resources at your fingertips, for whenever you feel like dipping into your wedding world.

  • Having a list of unique wedding playlists at your fingertips which can be plugged in right away - saving you hours of time!



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What's Included:


#1- My 7-Step Successful Wedding Planning Framework.

Work your way through my wedding planning roadmap to discover exactly where you are in the process and how far you've got to go.  

#2- Monthly Bridal Masterclasses

Every month you'll get access to a brand new Masterclass focusing on a unique topic. Watch these back in your own time at leisure and elevate your planning in an instant. You get access to the whole archive when you sign up. 

#3- Wedding SOS Hotline

This is your direct line to me; ask any question you want and get a personalised message back to help you with your planning. 

#4- Private Facebook Group

Meet and connect with the other brides inside the group. Everything shared and discussed will remain top secret and confidential so you don't need to worry about a thing. Support and be supported by others who are in the same boat as you. 



The Result? 

You go from being an overwhelmed and overworked bride to being stress-free, calm and in full control.

You'll get all the tools you need to plan your wedding with confidence, to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

The Result? 

You go from being an overwhelmed and overworked bride to being stress-free, calm and in full control.

You'll get all the tools you need to plan your wedding with confidence to ensure everything runs smoothly.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time
  • You want your wedding steps strategically planned 
  • You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own and wish you had someone to bounce ideas off
  • You find yourself paralysed with fear that something is going to go wrong
  • You are ready to follow guidance and enjoy the journey.

Not for you if:

  • You're an excuse maker who refuses to embrace change
  • You aren't willing to take advice and be coachable
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly
  • You are happy to keep procrastinating, and wasting time unnecessarily
  • You aren't willing to follow the guidance and do the work
I'm Ready

Wait, what's included again?


Virtual wedding shopping 

I've linked up with one of India's premier wedding planning portals to offer you a unique virtual shopping service. Get complimentary access to their scheduled events or hire your very own personal shopper in India for a discounted fee (additional charges apply). 


Wedding resources vault

With regular resources being added all the time, you'll never have a question left unanswered. What's more, if you need something that's not in my vault then get in touch and my team and I will get working on it right away if we can. 


Supplier discounts

I'm constantly reaching out to suppliers within the industry to be added to my love list. Many of these have been extremely generous with their discounts, so much so, that you'll probably make your investment back and more if you hire one of them!

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Here's What Others Are Saying...

Nikita Thakrar

Signing up to Planned To Perfection was the best decision I made. Meera has a really unique approach to wedding planning which made me feel calm, but in control at the same time. I would highly recommend her to everyone. 

Sri-Vani Raja

The resources, workbooks, and live calls from Meera have been fantastic! You couldn’t be lost with wedding planning even if you tried. Everything is on hand on one platform, ready for you to go through step by step, to plan your dream wedding! 

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x12 Monthly Payments

  • Planned To Perfection Bridal Club
  • Low-cost payment option 

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Save 20%

  • Planned To Perfection Bridal Club 
  • Pay in full and make a 20% saving 

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Limited Availability

  • Planned To Perfection Bridal Club 
  • Half-Day VIP Day with Meera
  • x1 60-minute Virtual Bridal Coaching Session 

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The Ultimate wedding planning community for Indian & Interfaith brides is a click away.

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